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Philips Senseo 7810 Review

Philips Senseo 7810
Philips Senseo 7810
Philips Senseo 7810


Capacity: About 20oz. / 590ml
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Value for Money


Total Score
3.5/ 5


Product Features

  • Uses Senseo coffee pods.
  • Two different brewing sizes.
  • Powerful heating element.
  • Automatic shut-off function.
  • 1 year limited warranty.

  • Brief Summary

    The Philips Senseo 7810 is a low pressure single serve coffeemaker which makes fresh coffee using Senseo pods. The premeasured coffee pods make it easy and hassle-free to make perfect cups of coffee. The Senseo 7810 brews a cup of coffee with a thick layer of frothy crema in only 45 seconds.

    Posted November 29, 2012 by

    Sara Lee has the rights to the Senseo home coffee brewing system in the U.S. and has chosen to discontinue selling Senseo machines and pods retail in the U.S. from March 2012. This means you can now ONLY buy Senseo machines and pods online.

    he Philips Senseo 7810 has a modern look with its cylindrical shaped brewer and a round cup stand. I really like the look and style, but the plastic makes it look cheapish. Since I normally would place my coffeemaker on my kitchen counter and have to look at it every day, a more elegant and exclusive look would have been great. Anyway, let’s take a closer look at how it brews.

    Prepare in for the first cup

    The first thing you need to do before starting to use it is to run a cycle to rinse the machine. Don’t worry it is quite easy and quickly done. Just fill up the water reservoir which is located at the back of the machine. I like that the water reservoir is transparent so I can tell how much water is left at any time. The capacity of 20oz. isn’t that great and will make only four small (4oz.) cups before you need to refill it. You can also buy a bigger water reservoir for about twenty bucks if you feel the original is too small.

    After the water reservoir is filled and placed back, you need to place one of the two pod holders into the machine. Turn on the machine and press both the single cup and double cup buttons at the same time, this will start the rinsing cycle. Remember to place a bowl underneath or the drip tray will be flooded fairly quickly.

    My Philips Senseo 7810 did NOT have a bad plastic smell or left a bad taste on the brewed coffee. But I have received a lot of complaints and question of how to remove the smell/ taste. A friend of mine, who have had this problem, told me that he ran the rinsing cycle for maybe twenty times before the taste and smell completely disappeared. You can also try diluted vinegar and clean the removable parts in your dishwasher to speed up the process.


    Philips Senseo 7810 Parts and Features

    Frothy Senseo coffee

    I liked that the machine came with 18 pods so I could start brewing straight away. I started off with making one cup using the small pod holder. The holder fits neatly into the chamber and the lid locks tightly into place with an audible “click”. A trick I have learned after using this machine for a while is to always pre-moisten pod to form a better seal. Also ensure that the pod has the flat side up and is centered in the holder so it does not interfere with the rubber gasket. It might sound like a big problem but it really isn’t, if you take these precautions you won’t experience any leakage. I think also the coffee taste better and get more crema when I do this.

    Philips Senseo 7810 I was quite disappointed when I saw the amount of coffee that was in my mug after the machine was finished brewing. It was definitely not more than 4oz., I now usually use the double cup holder. Anyway, the coffee was great, both strong and flavorful! The coffee had also a thick frothy layer of foam or crema on top which was delicious. I think it is quite incredible that the Senseo coffeemaker can make such a thick crema, it is after all not an espresso machine. The Philips Senseo is only pressurized with 1.2 bars, compared to espresso machines 9 bars. In the user manual it is briefly explained how the thick layer of crema is made. The coffee is aerated in something they call the “frothing chamber” which is found beneath the pod holder.

    The Philips Senseo 7810 is very fast and easy to use. You can have a cup ready in less than 3 minutes and the next cups couple of cups within a minute each. The coffee brewer needs about 90 seconds to preheat the water to 205°F. This is done with fairly powerful 1450 wattage heating element. I have noticed that the second cup of coffee tends to be hotter than the first. To get a really hot first cup, I let the machine preheat the water a bit longer than 90 seconds.

    The Senseo 7810 has an automatic shut-off function that will turn off the coffeemaker if you don’t use it within an hour.

    Cost per cup and availability

    I have calculated that the price for one pod averages about 25-30 cents. That means that one mug of coffee cost me around 50-60 cents, which is acceptable for a good cup of coffee. The biggest problem for me with Senseo pods is not the price, but that I can’t buy them at my local grocery store any more. On the contrary, you don’t have to use original pods. Java One is a manufacturer that makes pods that will fit this Philips Senseo 7810 coffee machine, but unfortunately these are also only available online. Another option is to buy the Coffeeduck permanent filter that fits the Senseo model so you can use ground coffee.

    Remember to clean your machine regularly; the instructions say every 90 days. If you are using water that has lot of calcium in it you might want to run a rinsing cycle more often. It might also be worth running a rinsing cycle if your coffee starts to smell and taste bad.


    I really like the modern shape of the Philips Senseo 7810, but all the plastic gives a cheapish and flimsy first impression, even though it isn’t. The coffeemaker would have been stunning if they have made it in stainless steel. The Senseo is both easy and fast to operate but has a few quirks. Let it preheat little bit more than 90 seconds for a really hot first cup of coffee and put the pods in the middle of the holder. I really enjoy the Senseo coffee, the result is always a delicious cup of coffee with a thick layer of foam. I am a bit worried that Sara Lee, who owns the right to Senseo coffee in the North America, will stop selling the pods all together. Sara Lee has stopped selling Senseo machines and pods retail and you can only buy it online now. If you don’t mind the plastic look and that you have to buy coffee online this is a good choice. The coffee is excellent.


    •  Excellent coffee.
    • Fast and easy to use.

    • Coffee pods only available online.
    • Cheapish look.

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