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Hamilton Beach 49981 The Scoop Review



Capacity: 1 cup (14 oz. / 410ml)
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Value for Money


Total Score
4.5/ 5


Product Features

  • Brushed stainless steel finish.
  • Uses any kind of ground coffee.
  • Choose between regular and bold coffee.
  • 1500 wattage heating element.
  • No paper filters needed.
  • Automatically shut off function.

  • Brief Summary

    The Scoop from Hamilton Beach is a single serve coffeemaker, but what makes it different is that it doesn’t use any coffee cups, pods or capsules. By using any type of ground coffee you can now make your favorite coffee type one cup at the time. The brushed stainless steel finish and small footprint makes it perfect for any counter tops.

    Posted November 28, 2012 by


    hat made me interested in the Hamilton Beach 49981 The Scoop was that I could use ground coffee, which is very rare when it comes to a single serve coffeemaker.  Single server brewers normally use pre-packaged coffee pods, cups or capsules. These are of course more expensive than buying coffee beans or grounds. You can also get refillable coffee pods or cups but I find them inconvenient. Let’s take a closer look at The Scoop and find out how it works and if it can make a great cup of coffee.

    Sturdy construction

    As I unpack my new Hamilton Beach 49981 The Scoop I was really pleased to see it was mainly built of stainless steel. The brushed stainless steel doesn’t just make it look very good but it also gives it a feeling of high quality. The plastic parts seem to be sturdy as well and I think the shiny finish of the plastic parts looks very good in contrast with the brushed stainless steel. For your information the plastic used in this product is completely Bisphenol A (BPA) free.

    Hamilton Beach 49981 The Scoop on the kitchen counterI expected The Scoop to be bigger and was pleased to see how little space it took on my counter top. The Scoop is quite tall (13.5 inches/34 cm), so if you plan to place it underneath your cupboards you might have to pull it forward when adding water.

    Easy to use

    The Scoop is really a drip coffeemaker and I love how fast you can make a cup of coffee. It brewed a regular cup of coffee (about 8 oz.) in one and a half minute and a full travel mug (about 14 oz.) in two and a half minute.

    Remember to run two full cycles through the coffeemaker before you make your first cup of coffee. If you having problems with plastic smell and taste, I recommend that you soak the filters, both the scoop and internal filter, in hot water for about 15 minutes. You can also run a cycle with diluted vinegar to clean and remove bad smell.
    Hamilton Beach 49981 different cup sizes

    Use either a cup or a travel mug.

    The water reservoir can hold maximum of 14 oz. or 410 ml and has to be refilled each time you want to make a cup of coffee. I felt this was an inconvenience at first, but I am now used to it and I am not that bothered by it anymore.

    The water is added at the top of the coffeemaker by flipping up the lid. The opening is generous and it is easy to fill water without spilling. The reservoir has measurement lines for an 8 oz. and 14 oz. cup of coffee, these measurement lines can also be found on the scoop. I have noticed that if I add a cup filled to the brim I only get about a ¾ cup of coffee. You should therefore always add a little extra water to get a full cup of coffee. Remember that coffeemaker will brew until the water reservoir is empty so do not add too much water either.

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    Hamilton Beach 49981 Parts and Features


    Personlize your coffee

    Quick Guide

    Adding coffee grounds

    As I have already mentioned, this single-serve coffeemaker uses ground coffee instead of pods, cups or capsules. Despite this, it doesn’t take any longer to make a cup of coffee. Just add the ground coffee into the scoop. There is no need for paper filters since the scoop has a fine metal permanent filter at the bottom.

    Hamilton Beach 49981 The Scoop uses ground coffee

    Add ground coffee into the scoop.

    If you ever want to make two cups, the coffeemaker comes with an extra scoop. These scoops have, as a mentioned above, measurement lines for the two cup sizes, 8oz. and 14oz. After brewing a few cups of coffee I have figured out that I need to add more coffee grounds so it covers and is above the 8oz. line for a regular cup. But always keep the ground coffee below the maximum line (14oz. line). If you fill the scoop with more coffee grounds the water will just flood the basket and overflow, the end result will be weaker coffee. You probably have to brew a few cups, as I did, to determine how much water and ground coffee you need to make the perfect cup.

    When you have filled the scoop with ground coffee you simply place it back into its well. The scoop fits neatly into the filter holder with the handle sticking out to prevent it to getting too hot. The filter holder has also a permanent metal mesh filter to pick up any residue that passes through the filter in the brew basket, scoop.

    Brewing coffee

    When you have added water and placed the scoop with the appropriate amount of coffee back into its well you are almost ready to brew. Just remember to place your empty cup on the cup rest. The cup rest is adjustable and can be flipped upside down to hold a regular sized cup. If you are using a travel mug you can just place it on top of the drip tray.

    Choose between regular or bold coffee.

    The Hamilton Beach 48891 has two brewing options, “REGULAR” and “BOLD”. The “REGULAR” setting is for a quick and basic drip coffee while the “BOLD”setting is for finer grinds, decaf or stronger flavors. You should note that by using the bold setting or using finer grinds the brewing process will take a bit longer. I personally use only the bold setting since the regular setting makes too weak coffee for me.

    The coffeemaker starts brewing when you press either “REGULAR” or “BOLD” and the blue indicator light starts to illuminate. I was pleased when I noticed that the coffeemaker doesn’t have any noisy pump like many other single serve brewers. The coffeemaker use about one and a half minute to brew a regular cup of coffee. One of the reasons that the Hamilton Beach 49981 The Scoop is so quick is due to the 1500 watt heating element. Other single serve coffeemakers usually have a heating element with less than 1000 wattage.

    You can stop the brewing cycle anytime you want by pressing either the “REGULAR” or “BOLD” buttons. If you for some reason forget to add water in the reservoir and start the cycle, the coffeemaker will not start and turn off automatically.

    The most important part is of course the result, how does the coffee taste?  I really love the coffee the Hamilton Beach The Scoop brews. The coffee is both hot and strong; I measured the temperature of the coffee in the cup to be 190°F. Although, it took a few tries to figure out how fine and how much grounds I needed.

    I have received some questions about how to prevent “micro grounds” when brewing with this Hamilton Beach single serve coffeemaker. These micro grounds can be seen in the bottom of the cup when there are just a few drops left. I haven’t had this problem myself, but the reason is that the coffee ground is too fine. A cheap coffee grinder (usually a blade grinder) will not grind the coffee evenly and make some grounds too fine. To solve this problem you should either get a quality burr grinder or buy freshly ground coffee at your local coffee shop.

    When I am finished with brewing a cup I just remove the coffee basket and emptying it in the trash can. I rinse the basket under the tap and dry it. And that’s it; the basket is now ready for a new cup of coffee. My opinion is this doesn’t take that much longer to clean than a single serve brewer using cups, pods or capsules.

    Award-winning coffeemaker

    The Hamilton Beach 49981 The Scoop won the award “2012 Good Housekeeping Very Innovative Product Award” by Good Housekeeping. In addition, it has been given high rankings for the ability to use any kind of ground coffee by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA).


    The Hamilton Beach The Scoop is an excellent single serve brewer which looks stunning with its brush stainless steel finish. It is as fast and simple to use as a single server brewer with pods or cups, but with The Scoop you can use any type of ground coffee. This helps to keep the cost per cup down to a minimum and you can choose your favorite coffee type.  Actually The Scoop is an automatic drip coffeemaker, but on a small scale. The initial cost of the coffee brewer is also cheaper than for example single serve coffeemakers from Keurig. A great coffeemaker if you are looking for a single serve brewer that makes very good coffee to a reasonable price. I definitely recommend the Hamilton Beach 49981 The Scoop.


    • Looks great and leaves a small footprint on your counter top.
    • Reasonable price.
    • No need for expensive pods, cups or capsules.
    • Makes great coffee.

    • The coffee could be a bit hotter.
    • Regular setting makes too weak coffee.

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