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Melitta 46894A 10-cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker Review

Melitta 46894A 10-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker
Melitta 46894A 10-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker
Melitta 46894A 10-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker


Coffee Type:
Type: Programmable
Capacity: Up to 10 cups
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Total Score
4/ 5


Product Features

  • 10-cup capacity.
  • Stainless steel thermal carafe.
  • 3 different coffee strength settings.
  • Programmable.
  • Pause and serve function.
  • Automatic shutoff.
  • BPA-free.

  • Brief Summary

    The Melitta 46894A is a drip coffeemaker that comes with a 10 cup thermal carafe. It is also available with a 12 cup glass carafe if you prefer that. The brushed stainless steel finish with black plastic parts makes this machine look good. This coffeemaker has various neat features, like the coffee strength adjustment, pause and serve, auto shutoff and it is programmable.

    Posted January 3, 2015 by


    traight away I fell in love with this Melitta 46894A drip coffeemaker. The brushed stainless steel front and black plastic housing makes this machine look good. However, the biggest selling point for me was the thermal carafe and all the other useful features it has.

    The machine is mostly made of plastic, as all coffeemakers these days, but it has a nice brush stainless steel finish in the front. I am pleased with the building quality, and I haven’t found any flimsy parts that might break after extensive use.  As with all products from Melitta, the plastic used in this model is completely BPA-free so you don’t have to worry.


    The Melitta 46894A is programmable which means you can prepare your coffeemaker the day before and have freshly brewed coffee when you wake you in the morning. Setting the time for the programmable function is straight forward. Use the small buttons below the display to set the time, one for hours and one for minutes. The middle button turns on and off the programmable function and an indicator light illuminates when it is on.

    The coffee strength selector is a feature I really like. It let me choose between regular, bold or robust strength of the coffee. You can really tell the difference in taste and strength between the three options. The bold option is strong, while the robust setting makes it even stronger and darker.  If you choose to make a strong pot of coffee, with the settings bold or robust, the brewing time takes of course a bit longer.

    If you like iced coffee, fill your carafe with ice cubes and make half a pot (5 cups) of coffee with the robust setting. Remember to add a bit more coffee grounds than you usually add when making 5 cups. The result is great tasting iced coffee perfect for warm summer days.

    Preparing the machine

    The coffeemaker is about 14 inches tall so it fits underneath my cabinets without any problems. However, since the lids for the water reservoir and coffee grounds are at the top, I need to pull coffeemaker forward every time I prepare it. The electrical cord is 25 inches (2 feet) long so this does not cause a problem for me.

    To fill up the water reservoir you open the lid in the back, the opening is nice and big so there is minimal chance to spill water all over your kitchen counter. The reservoir can hold up to 10 cups (46oz.) and has a water level indicator on the right side only.

    Easy to use control panel with backlit screenTo add grounds you flip up the front lid, but for some reason Melitta has design it so the lid for the water reservoir has to be open as well. This increase the risk of spilling coffee grounds into the water reservoir while I fill the basket. I think it would have been better if the lids could be opening separately.

    The basket for the grounds use cone shaped filters, which I think gives the best tasting coffee. If you like to use a permanent filter you have to buy this separately. The basket can be taken out and washed in a dishwasher. When refitting the basket make sure it is securely in place or it might cause spillage.

    Brewing coffee

    When the coffeemaker is prepared, choose your strength and you are ready to go. I have found that on regular setting the coffeemaker uses about 1 minute per cup, if you go for a stronger pot of coffee it will use a bit longer.

    The pause and serve function is just wonderful, it let you have a cup of coffee while you wait for the brewing cycle to finish. However, the brewing cycle doesn’t stop so don’t use too much time or the basket will overflow.

    I am very pleased with the coffee this machine makes; it tastes great and is sufficient hot. When I measured the temperature of the water in the brew basket it was 185 to 190°F. This is actually a few degrees lower than the optimum brewing temperature, which is around 195 to 205°F.

    Thermal carafe

    One of the reasons I bought the Melitta 46894A was that it had a thermal carafe. The thermal carafe will keep the coffee hot for a few hours without burning it like a glass carafe on a heating plate will.

    However, you can get this coffeemaker with a 12 cup glass carafe as well if you are interested. The model is called 46893A and comes with an adjustable heating plated with 3 different settings.

    The thermal carafe is made of stainless steel and is vacuum-sealed to increase the insulating properties. While the coffeemaker is brewing the thermal carafe is heated by the heating plate this ensures that the coffee stays warmer for a longer time. Great thinking Melitta! The heating plate is automatically turned off when the brewing cycle is finished.

    The thermal carafe will keep the coffee hot for about 1 hour and warm for up to 3 hours. The coffee is warm enough after 3 hours if you like to drink it black, but if you like your coffee with a bit of milk it most likely be luke warm.

    The carafe is good to hold and pours well without any spills. The opening for the carafe might not be big enough for your hand, but with a bottle brush you can easily clean the interior.


    The Melitta 46894A is a great drip coffeemaker that both looks good and makes great coffee. It has plenty of useful features, like the coffee strength selector, pause and serve and it is programmable.

    The only negatives I can find are that the brewing temperature is a bit lower than optimal and that both the top lids have to be open to add coffee grounds to the basket.

    Overall, I have been very happy with my Melitta 46894A and enjoy its coffee every day. You will have to look hard to find another coffeemaker that can match this when it comes to features and price.

    • Reasonable price.
    • Great coffee.
    • Vacuum-sealed stainless steel carafe.
    • Brewing temperature a bit lower than optimal.
    • Both lids have to be open to add coffee grounds.

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