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Hamilton Beach The Two-way Brewer 49980Z Review

Hamilton Beach The Two-way Brewer
Hamilton Beach The Two-way Brewer
Hamilton Beach The Two-way Brewer


Coffee Type:
Type: Programmable
Capacity: up to 12 cups
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Value for Money


Total Score
4/ 5


Product Features

  • Brushed stainless steel finish.
  • Single-serve and carafe.
  • Use either ground coffee or pods.
  • Programmable up to 24 hours ahead.
  • Strength selector.
  • Automatic shut-off.

  • Brief Summary

    The Hamilton Beach The Two-way brewer 49980Z is a dual coffee maker with both a “single-serve side” and “carafe side”. Use the strength selector and programmable function to have your coffee how and when you like. Choose to use either ground coffee or pods when brewing on the single serve side. A heating plate with an automatic shut-off function keeps the coffee warm for up to 2 hours.

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    he Hamilton Beach 49980Z is called “The Two-way brewer” since it is both a single-serve and a regular drip coffee maker with a 12 cup carafe. What made me interested in this particular machine was the concept of two-in-one. I have had two different coffee makers on my kitchen counter for a long time and this is just want I needed. The “Two-way brewer” does the same job as my two previous machines did together and it takes up much less space on my counter.

    Hamilton beach 49980Z adjust strengthThe machine is mainly made of glossy black plastic with some stainless steel plates in the front. It doesn’t have an exciting and exclusive look, but it is after all just a coffee maker and not a piece of art.

    Even though the Hamilton Beach 49980Z is basically two different coffee makers you can only brew one side at a time. I guess the reason for this is that both sides use the same buttons. The control panel is very easy to use and self-explanatory; there was no need to read the manual. I like that the screen is backlit with a blue light which makes it easy to see even if the ambient light is low.

    You can choose between two different brew strengths, regular or bold. My opinion is that the regular is way too weak, but I prefer my coffee bold. The coffee maker is also programmable (up to 24 hours ahead) and allows you to set a time it shall start to brew. I use this function very often so I can have a freshly brewed cup or pot of coffee waiting for me in the mornings.


    Parts and features of the Hamilton Beach 49980Z the two way brewer

    Single-serve brewer

    Single serve basket for Hamilton Beach 49980Z the two way brewerI will have a look at the single-serve brewer first. The machine comes with a 14 oz. stainless steel travel mug with a lid. Perfect if you want to bring your morning coffee with you in the car on your way to work. I am quite pleased with the travel mug; it keeps the coffee warm for at least an hour.

    It is a generous space from the tray up to the filter basket and you can with no problem use most travel mugs. You can even remove the whole spill tray if you have a really tall mug. If you want to use a regular cup, Hamilton Beach has simply made it possible to build two sections of the tray together to make it taller. This prevents the coffee from splashing out when using smaller cups. Good thinking!

    The machine comes with a small permanent mesh filter that fits snuggly in the filter basket. You can either use regular ground coffee or pre-packaged “soft” pods, like Senseo. If you would like to use two Senseo pods for a strong cup or for a large travel mug, there is a ring which can be fitted over the filter to hold the pods in place. I haven’t used the ring much since I most of the time use ground coffee, but it comes easily on and off.

    The coffee that machine makes is great, but I think the permanent mesh filter lets through too much sediments. I have tried to find small paper filters that fit the basket with no luck. Let me know if you guys manage to find any paper filters that fit.

    Hamilton Beach 49980Z

    Adjust the multi-level cup tray to fit the size of your cup.

    12-cup drip coffee maker

    When switching back and forth between the two sides remember to flip the lever as well. It has happened to me a couple of times already, easy to forget when you still haven’t had your first cup of coffee in the morning. The “carafe side” is really just a regular drip coffee maker.

    The water is added in the reservoir at the back of the machine, where on the single-serve side the reservoir is overhead the filter basket. The opening for the water reservoir is quite narrow so be careful when filling it up.

    Contrary to the single-serve side, the machine doesn’t come with a large permanent filter. Not a big loss for me since I prefer paper filter, but if you like permanent filters I am sure you can purchase one online. I like that you can simply lift up the filter basket and pop it onto the dishwasher.

    The Hamilton Beach 49980Z can brew a full 12-cup carafe in about 5 minutes. The glass carafe is kept warm by a hot plate which turns off automatically after 2 hours. A nice safety feature if you forget to turn off your coffee machine before you leave for work. I think maybe this is the best carafe I have used; it pours nicely and doesn’t dribble. Although, I don’t like that the plastic lid on the carafe doesn’t come off.  I have previously cleaned the carafe in the dishwasher because that is most convenient, but with this it is easier to just wash it for hand.

    Remember to run a few cycles on both sides with water and vinegar before you start brewing coffee. The water is in contact with plastic from filling up the water reservoir until it leaves the filter basket. The machine can have a smell of plastic when it is new, but don’t worry after the rinsing cycles the coffee taste great.  Hamilton Beach uses only plastic without Bisphenol A (BPA) in their products.


    Hamilton Beach 49980Z was just what I was looking for. The single-serve brewer let me have a full travel mug of freshly brewed coffee in the morning so I can just grab it when I leave the house. While I use the larger 12-cup brewer during the weekends or when I have guests.  Hamilton Beach 49980Z The Two-way brewer is perfect for people who want a single-serve brewer and a standard drip coffeemaker. It is definitely worth to take a closer look at this machine.


    • Reasonable price.
    • “Two-in-one”.
    • Programmable.


    • The lid of the carafe doesn’t come off.
    • Narrow opening for water reservoir.
    • Mesh filter lets through too much sediments.

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