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Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind and Brew Review

Cuisinart-DGB-700BC Grind and Brew Coffeemaker
Cuisinart-DGB-700BC Grind and Brew Coffeemaker
Cuisinart-DGB-700BC Grind and Brew Coffeemaker


Coffee Type: ,
Type: Programmable
Capacity: Up to 12 cups
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Value for Money


Total Score
3.5/ 5


Product Features

  • Brushed stainless steel finish.
  • Use ground coffee and beans.
  • Programmable.
  • Strength selector.
  • Charcoal water filter.
  • Automatically shut off.
  • Brew-pause functions.
  • 3 years limited warranty.

  • Brief Summary

    The Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind and Brew is a drip coffeemaker with a built-in burr grinder. It is programmable up to 24 hours ahead which is perfect if you want a hot freshly brewed pot of coffee waiting for you when you get up in the morning. Other features like the charcoal water filter, automatically shut off and brew-pause functions are also very useful.

    Posted January 13, 2013 by


    othing is better than coffee made of freshly ground coffee beans! The thought of a hot and freshly brewed pot of coffee standing ready when I get up in the morning made me buy this Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind and Brew drip coffeemaker. I love this coffee machine and do not regret my purchase, but it has both impressed and disappointed me.

    Sturdy and appealing looks

    I love how the Cuisinart DGB-700BC looks; the brushed stainless steel gives it an elegant look and a feel of high quality. Cuisinart has even put brushed stainless steel plates on the sides, which I think improves the overall look significantly. The black plastic parts are mostly sturdy, but there are some parts that maybe feel a bit weaker without being flimsy.

    I really like that the coffeemaker matches my fridge and some of my other kitchen appliances which also have a brushed stainless steel finish.  Even though the Cuisinart DGB-700BC is quite advance and has a built-in burr grinder it doesn’t take up much space on my kitchen counter. It doesn’t take up more space on the counter than other drip coffeemakers, but it may be a bit taller. The DGB-700BC is about 15 inches (40 cm) tall and should fit under most cupboards, but you probably have to pull it forward every time you want to fill it up with water.

    Plastic used in products made by Cuisinart are BPA-free.

    Whole beans or pre-ground coffee

    Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind and Brew Coffeemaker

    Brew coffee from either pre-ground coffee or whole coffee beans.

    Cuisinart Grind and Brew coffeemaker is really made for grinding and brewing coffee from whole coffee beans, but you can also use regular pre-ground coffee. I like that you have the option to choose, but to be honest I only use it with pre-ground coffee when I don’t have any more beans left.

    The hopper (container) for the whole beans is located at the top of the coffeemaker and can hold up to ½ lbs. of beans. I manage to make more than two whole 12-cups pots of strong coffee when the hopper is full. How many beans the coffeemaker grinds each time depends of course of the strength and how many cups you choose.

    The hopper is made of transparent plastic which makes it easy to see how much is left. Cuisinart recommends that the hopper is at least half full when you start a brewing cycle. I guess the reason for this is to ensure you won’t run out of coffee beans during a cycle. The lid fits tightly due to its rubber seal and prevents the beans to be exposed to air to some extent. The hopper is of course not air tight and the beans will also get exposed to some heat during brewing, but I have found that this is not a problem at all. The beans are kept “fresh” for the few days they spend in the hopper.

    Hopper can be taken out to make it easier to fill it up with beans and for cleaning. Turn the release knob to the unlock position. After you have filled it up, remember to place the hopper properly back and lock it or the machine will beep continuously when you try to start it. The coffeemaker will also beep continuously if something else is not in the right place or in order when you push the ON/OFF button.

    Infographic and video clips

    Grind and Brew Info-graphic

    Cuisinart DGB-700BC features and functions

    Click to enlarge

    Quick Guide

    How to use the Cuisinart DGB-700BC and 900BC

    Grinding and brewing

    The water reservoir is found behind the hopper on top of the coffeemaker. The opening to the reservoir is quite narrow and requires you to pour carefully to prevent spilling water all over the counter. The holder for the charcoal water filter sticks up on the left inside the reservoir and you can lift it up by pulling it firmly. The charcoal filter is there to remove any bad taste and odor in the water. Believe me you can really tell the difference with the water filter if you have water that tastes like chlorine or just has a bad taste. You have to change the filter every 60 days or so, but I think it is an insignificant cost to get better tasting coffee.

    On the right side of the coffeemaker you will find the water level window. You can brew as little as only two cups to a maximum of twelve cups. The coffeemaker will brew until the reservoir is empty so only add the desired amount of water into the reservoir. The selected number of cups on the “Grind Control” knob just determines how many beans the machine will grind and doesn’t control the amount of coffee brewed. This brings us to the built-in burr grinder.

    I would say the burr grinder is set to a medium grind, which I think works very well with this coffee machine. The noise from the grinder is loud as you might imagine, but this only last for a few seconds (depends on how many cups you are brewing). Before I decided to buy the Cuisinart DGB-700BC I read several different reviews, and some mentioned it used way too much coffee compared to other machines. I would say it is generous when it comes to the amount of coffee it uses, but it is only marginally more than other machines.

    The machine comes with a gold tone permanent filter but you can also use paper basket filters (No. 4). I prefer using the paper filters since I think the gold tone permanent filter let too much sediment go through. Remember to put the filter basket cover back in place before you close the basket door. Note that the cover and filter holder have an arrow each that must be aligned before it will start to grind any coffee. After the machine has finished grinding it will rotate the filter basket cover and go over to brewing mode.

    I know that some have experienced that their coffeemaker won’t find the correct position for the cover and it will just keep on rotating. By aligning the arrows manually before closing the basket door you can help the machine and eliminate this problem. The machine should rotate the cover disc and align the arrows automatically, but for some reason it sometimes fails to do so.

    The control panel

    Display and Control Panel Cuisinart DBG-700BCThe control panel might look quite advanced and complicated for some, but it is really self-explanatory. If you are struggling to figure out how to operate the coffeemaker you can always have a look at the instruction manual or even the DVD that comes with it. First you need to set the “Grind Control” knob to the amount of cups you want to make and then select the strength. You can choose between mild, medium and strong by pushing the “strength Control”-button. You can also use the “Grind Control” knob and strength selector to find just the right setting for how you like your coffee. It should be a problem if you consider you can chose from 2 to 12 cups with increments of 2 cups and each level has 3 strength settings. I love my coffee dark and strong so I tend to set the grind control to 2 cups more and the strength to strong. The result is always good strong coffee.

    If you want use the coffeemaker with pre-ground coffee you just need to turn of the grinding function which is easily done by just pushing the button before turning the machine on.

    The Cuisinart DGB-700BC is also programmable which let you preset the machine to start brewing at a specific time (within 24 hours). I prepare the machine every night and I have a carafe of newly brewed steaming hot coffee waiting for me when I get up in the morning.

    The screen which shows the time and strength is quite handy, but I can’t understand why Cuisinart hasn’t made it backlit. It would make it so much easier to read in dim ambient light.

    Since this Cuisinart model has a glass carafe it has also a heating plate with an automatic shut-off function. The Cuisinart DGB-900BC which is the same machine has a thermal carafe and therefore don’t have the heating plate or automatic shut-off function. Anyway, the automatic shut-off function is a great safety feature which is also adjustable up to 4 hours.

    The brew pause function is also a neat feature which allows to you have a cup of coffee while machine brews. The brewing process doesn’t stop, but only the flow of coffee into the pot, so don’t leave the carafe out for too long. I believe Cuisinart says you can remove the carafe for up to 20 seconds before the basket overflows. I haven’t tested it myself for obvious reasons.

    Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning

    The Cuisinart DGB-700BC needs to be cleaned regularly or it will simply clog up. The problem is that the chute from the grinder to the basket is horizontal which cause ground coffee to build up. Cleaning the chute is neither time consuming nor difficult, but it is just a hassle. If you forget to clean it regularly and the chute gets completely clogged you will end of with a pot of brown tasteless water.

    I usually clean the chute every time I refill the hopper since you have to remove the hopper to clean it properly. When the hopper is removed you can flip the chute cover up and use the brush that comes with the coffee machine to push the grounds in to the basket. Remember to insert the basket with the permanent filter or a paper filter without the cover on top if you don’t want to clean your counter as well. Refilling the hopper and cleaning takes me only about a minute.


    The Cuisinart DGB-700BC is a great drip coffeemaker that makes great coffee. I love the coffee it makes and how I can adjust the strength using both the strength selector and the grind control. It is a complicated machine, at least for a drip coffeemaker, with lots of moving parts and when things can go wrong they usually do. As I have discussed the rotating basket cover is a potential weakness. Although, what disappointed me the most were the chute and that it needs to be cleaned often. I have therefore given it a low score on user-friendliness. Overall, I have to say that I love my new coffeemaker and I use it every day. If you are looking for a drip coffeemaker with a built-in grinder you should not look any further, this is the machine for you.


    • Great coffee.
    • Great looks.
    • Lots of functions.

    • Needs a lot of cleaning.
    • Basket cover is a potential weakness.
    • Little bit pricy.

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